I was born in Leith, Edinburgh and now live and play in Argyll. I have always enjoyed art and it was one of the few subjects I turned up for in my latter school years.

From a child walking in the hills around Edinburgh to an adult exploring interesting and exciting places around the globe, my love for the natural world around me has always spurred me on. This passion led me to a career in the outdoors in which I spent many happy years.

Inspiration for my art comes from my travels and adventures in my homeland and the 48 countries I have visited over the years, with their individual and varied environments - mountains, rainforests and deserts, their wildlife and their people.

Having taken early retirement from a career in outdoor adventure I spent time broadening my artistic experiences as a full time student with the University of the Highlands and Islands. I now fill my days walking, cycling and travelling, drawing more inspiration to paint in my small home studio.